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5 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Spend More Quality Time With Their Mini-Me

mother-daughter-bonding-1Hello my dear Mama’bear, I cannot believe April is here!

Well bring on the showers because we are ready for it.

But Although time is moving super fast we all know how life can get hectic and between carpooling, cooking, cleaning, helping with homework, and working a full time job it can be hard for moms to carve out one on one time with their daughters. Experts agree that the relationship a daughter has with her mother is extremely important as it can affect the way she views herself, her health, and all of her other relationships throughout her life. If you are struggling to find one on one time to spend with your daughter then here are five tips to help you carve out more of those all-important mother-daughter bonding sessions with your daughter.


1. Set a Specific Day of the Week to Spend Alone Time With Your Daughter

Decide on a specific day and time of the week to set time aside for you and your daughter to spend together and then follow through with it each week. Carving out a block of time on the same day each week will make it easier for you to plan to always be free at that time and it will also give your daughter something to look forward to each week. If you have more than one daughter, rotate weeks so that each daughter gets to spend one on one time with you on a regular basis.


This will be super fun if you and your mini grab your matching journal and pen/pencil sets from one of your past ‘Mommy & Mini-Me’ Playdate boxes. Simply sit together and start planning…


I really love this idea and concept of carving out time on the same day of the week. For myself and two daughters we do this on Friday’s. Having our quick, simply, and fun playdates every Friday of the week.

2. Plan Activities Around Her Interests

If your daughter enjoys sports, make plans to go to a ball game together or to go to the soccer field and practice together. If she enjoys doing crafts, come up with a few craft ideas that the two of you can work on together. If she likes art plan a trip to an art museum for the two of you. Showing an small interest in the things that your daughter enjoys will help make your time spent together more interesting and enjoyable for her and it is also a great way for you to get to know her better. If you find yourself unsure what sorts of activities she would enjoy, ask her what sorts of activities she would like the two of you to do during your special time together.

3. Cook Together

mommy and me cookingCooking is something you and your daughter can do together on a daily basis. Now I will be completely honest with you hear and share that my hubby does 99.9% of the cooking in our home. It’s his passion. So my two daughters LOVE to be around their dad while he cooks, not me! Boo… LOL. So preparing meals together is a good way to spend some quiet time together that can lead to a really great conversations while simultaneously teaching her an important life skill that she will need when she gets out on her own one day. My 8 year old really have such a blast when she gets an opportunity to stand near her papa’bear in the kitchen just to help cook for a few minutes. He gives her small tasks to take on like peeling the onions or filling up the measuring cup. OMG, she have such a blast!

4. Nurture Her Talents

Becoming actively involved in encouraging and helping develop your daughter’s talents is a fantastic way to really deepen your bond and make her feel truly loved and special. If your daughter wants to try out for the school play encourage her by running through her lines with her. If she is on the soccer team make it a point to play practice games with her in the backyard. Seeing how much you believe in her abilities will help boost her self-esteem and bring the two of you closer to one another.

5. Run Errands Together

This is totally my favorite. Quality time doesn’t always have to be about planning fun trips or going on expensive outings. When you are extremely busy, fit quality time into your everyday schedule by taking your daughter with you to do the grocery shopping, stop by the bank, pay a bill, etc. Take the opportunity the one on one time provides to talk with her about her day, the things that are going on in her life, her dreams and aspirations, and any fears or worries she may be experiencing. We also do this when I’m dropping them to school. We would have our little conversations and talks in the car. About what? I have no clue, but it doesn’t matter. They just simply enjoy the small chat we have during the car ride to school every single morning LOL.


Quality time can be worked into any schedule, and you both will reap the rewards from it. But don’t forget when running errands together make sure you and your mini rocking your Mommy Life & Mommy B.F.F matching shirts. Make it fun and fashionable in style. Yaay!

mommy and me fashion

photo credit: Janelle and both daughters in Mommy and Mini-Me Matching tees #shecrate


I know you’re super busy mama’bear, me too! But what are some of your best QT time you and your mini do, plan, or just spend together (during your busy and hectic schedule) period? Oh I would LOVE to hear it! Share some insights with me. Comment below…


Janelle, Jahzara, & Jordin.

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  1. Keish

    This is so sweet ☺️ Maybe the good Lord will bless me with children one day.
    Keish recently posted…The Trip I Should Have CanceledMy Profile

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Awww, and thank you Keish ❤️

  2. Kirstin N. Fuller

    Great tips! I love the cooking with your daughter. My Mother spent a lot of time cooking with me and my sister and they are some of my favorite memories.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Aww, YESS!! Something that you will forever cherish and remember and pass on to your little ones.

  3. Tyra

    I think it’s a great idea to have a day that you plan with her every week.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Oh yes!! And it’s much easier for the moms with time management too

  4. Holly

    If I had my own mini me this would be great.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      :). You’re too sweet ❤️

  5. VeePeeJay (Vashti)

    I don’t have any minis as yet, but these are great tips to help nurture any relationship. Your minis are adorable.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Awww, well thank you so much VeePeeJay. Appreciate your feedback. Your mins will come in due time my friend =)


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