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[LIVE BLAB] Mama’bears Unite: How Are You Spending Your Down Time When Kids Are in School? Let’s Talk About It!!!


How do you spend your mommy alone time when kids are in school? Do you work a full time job? Your own business? Stay at home mom?

What do you feel like you should be doing more of while kids are in school during your week days having your mommy alone moment?

Do you think you should be…

  • Reading?
  • Sleeping?
  • Working (your job or business)?
  • Hanging out with friends?
  • Hanging out with family?
  • Knows you should be doing something productive but lack energy to do so?

…and the list of questions goes on. I don’t know it all but we are in this together! What’s got you going good? Or what’s got you going bad?

See what Heather says. She writes… 

 heather dozier with she crate
Let me share some great strategies with you as a busy mom, working mom, who’s running an online world.

I get busy too! If any one gets it, it’s me!

So I’m going to be hopping over to Blab today so let’s talk about it!!!

Plus I would like to hear from you as well.


Today: Friday: April, 22, 2016.

Time:2:00pm EST. 


I’ll bring the coffee!

Mama’bears unite. Hey, now that’s a COOL hashtag, right? hahaha

Let’s use it! #mamabearsunite

Create. Bond. Memories.



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