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March SNEAK PEEK: You Hold The Key to My Heart ‘Mommy & Me’ Fun Playdate Project


mommy and mini fashion project

Howdy Mama’bear,


Oh this is my FAVORITE time of the month.




Time for another sneak peek!


Today’s peek is for March with yet another simple and easy playdate fun project for you and bear cub to complete.


Myself and two little one just took us 30 minutes to finish. I’m sure it will take you just the same or maybe sooner.


We wanted to bring something fun and stylish again at the same time. Something that you both can wear together during your outing. But, this carriers a special message for her.


DIY Chunky Beads Necklace Set for Mommy & Her Mini-Me.


“Life is a Journey and Only You Hold the Key”



DIY Chunky Necklace set

Chunky Necklace set DIY

How to make DIY Chunky Necklace set

Chunky Necklace beads set DIY

DIY Chunky Necklace set Girls

kids playdate



Can we please talk about how super BEAUTIFUL this is for a second please?! And imagine how you and mini will totally be center of attention when you’re both out and about handling your runs together. Not to mention the joy that she will embrace by simply wearing something unique to match with mommy, right?


This is just 1 of your 6-8 curated items inside your March ‘Mommy & Me’ Playdate box. Not only is this project beautiful, but it’s really easy and super fun!


Encouraging your little one that only she holds that special key to your heart.


“The Best Toy a Child Can Have is a Parent Who Plays With Them!”


~Janelle, Jahzara, & Jordin.


P.S. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. This is where the three of us will walk you through the entire process step-by-step showing you how to quickly put together your own ‘Mommy & Mini-Me’ Chunky Bead Necklace set.


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  1. Eva

    That looks like fun! My little bit is crafty and I really ahould be doing more with her. I think she’d be really excited about something like this… 🙂

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Absolutely, Eva! She Crate helps mom strengthen relationships and empower our girls we love to help bring the two together and take back quality time.

  2. Mimi Green

    This is such a cute idea and I love the color of the beads. They are just in time for spring.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Oh absolutely! Love spring and wanted to make sure colors match the season. lol. Thanks for popping on by. 💖

  3. Audrey

    I am LOVING the mother-daughter beaded necklaces!!! So adorable and a fun project for a family rainy night in!!

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Exactly. Perfect project for those indoor rainy night/days 🙂 💖

  4. Chasing Joy

    This is such a cute one. I love how the little one is the key to mom’s heart.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Yes, and that’s totally my favorite one too, the key.

  5. Dana Carmel

    Super cute matching necklaces! I wish there was a box like this when I was growing up – I would’ve loved to work on projects like this with my mom.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Lol, yes, me too Dana. Wish I had something like this (when I was small growing up). Now we are making it happen and encouraging moms to take that quality time with their little ones. Yaay ❤️💖


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