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Mommy & ME Playdate: DIY Flower Pens and Clay Pots Step-by-Step Tutorial

Had an AWESOME time having my little ‘mommy -n- me’ play date with my two little sunshine girls. So last month we made DIY Kiss-Mass Tree using Hershey Kisses courtesy of Mimi Cute Lips.


Back in October we had such a high demand on our DIY Flower Pens using Clay pots and totally had to share all the the step-by-step instructions including tools & supplies here with you too.


Girls and I had such a blast!


tools and supplies 1

tools and supplies 2

crafty pen 1

crafty pen 2

crafty pen 3

crafty pen 4

crafty pen 5

crafty pen 6

crafty pen 7



Don’t they look so happy? LOL.

Here Are Your Quick Instructions:

Made these using:

  • 2 inch clay pots
  • Foam (insert inside the pots to hold the pen)
  • Tacky glue (craft glue)
  • Marbles (I glued the marbles on top of the foam
  • Decorative paper (glued the paper around the outside of the clay pot giving it a popping look)
  • Modge Podge (I use this to glue the decorative paper around the pots. Elmer’s Glue will work just fine)
  • Floral tape (to tape the flower around the pen)
  • Flowers (artificial)
  • Pens (1 pack)


…and that’s it. We’re done!


I made the girls pick out their own flower color and marble colors too. I picked out the green flowers in honor of October National Dwarfism Awareness Month.


She Crate is a mommy and daughter play date monthly club providing (moms and daughters between the ages of 5-12) with the exact tools and supplies here for moms like me. Super convenient and made to save moms a whole lot (of time, energy, money, and of course gas LOL).


Flower pens in the decorative clay pots also will make perfect little gifts. Like for grandma or for the kids school teachers etc.


No commitment and cancel this at anytime. Monthly box is filled with 4-6 items ranging between arts & crafts, health/beauty, educational resources, lifestyle trends like school or business supplies (exclusively for moms), and some mommy and mini matching / coordinating fashion and accessories.


This is good for busy moms because moms don’t necessarily have to go anywhere to burn gas or spend tons of cash.


Quick Unboxing look inside past Play Date box below….

samp box 1

samp box 2

samp box 3

samp box 4

tools and supplies 1



This mommy & daughter play date project took us just one hour to complete. We sat together on a Friday night and began our date. Truly a rewarding experience and powerful ever lasting memory as well.


My 8 year old (to the left of your screen) said “Mommy, I really love this! When I have kids I am going to do these things with them too.” See, this means a LOT to me!


…Awwwwwww, totally melted my heart and my husband and I got teary eyed. Very excited about this experience and now that I am too a monthly club subscriber. I’m looking forward to next month’s play date box.


So hey Mama’bear, get your crafty side cooking and take just one hour any day of the month and have a play date with your little one too. Or simply get creative and gift it to someone else. Trust me, they will FOREVER remember that day you’ve created for them. #priceless



I never had a mother to do little things like this. To spend some (special) time and create special moments with. So important that we as moms start now, early, and set a positive trend for our little ones. After all, they look up to us, right?


Remember, it’s all about quality and NOT quantity.

mommy and me crafting



What are some of the things you do with your daughter creating that bonding experience and everlasting memory? Oh I would LOVE to know, just please comment below…



P.S. Please share this resource using the social sharing icons below with anyone you believe can benefit from what you just discovered. Together we all can truly make a difference.

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