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[VIDEO] Mommy & Mini-Me Shopping HAUL Everything For $1.00

Howdy Mama’bear.


It’s the weekend. What are your plans today? My two mini-she’s and I spent the day shopping.


Remember when I recently I shared with you 5 Easy Ways Busy Moms Can Spend More Quality Time With Their Mini-Me and under tip #1 I talked about “Setting a Specific Day of the Week to Spend Alone Time With Your Daughter”.


I shared on this post that I definitely do this. My day for this mommy and mini me bonding time are always on Friday’s, for us.


So yesterday, Friday April 14, 2016 the three of us had an AWESOME time hanging out doors for a moment and we went on a shopping haul.
mommy and mini me shopping haul


Shopping at our FAVORITE store. Dollar Tree and Michaels Arts & Crafts Stores. It was gloomy, dark and gray due to rain, and chilly for this spring season. But we’re all matching in our reds.


So girls and I had a blast together running errands and shopping. It was truly our special time and our outing, just us 3, simply bonding.


Sooooo much stuff was purchased literally for just $1.00 buck. And in this video Bear cubs and I broke down each and every item and what we plan to do with them, what are goals are, and we’re also giving away one of the items too.

Enjoy this video: Mommy & Mini-Me Shopping Haul Dollar Tree + Michaels Arts & Crafts Stores



Would you believe me that we got every single thing you’re about to see here for just $1.00 buck?


Dollar Tree Haul

Michaels Arts and Crafts Mommy and mini

Yes, very true!


You see, you don’t necessarily have to always be going out and about on any expensive outings. And the goal here anyway is just to spend a few moments bonding with your little one.


Staying engage with her and letting her pick out things that she may like is always a sweet plus.


We picked up some really cool stuff and very good quality items. I also seen these really adorable DIY paint mugs that makes the perfect gift for mother’s days.


As mentioned in the video I’m also going to be giving away the notepad. I bought an extra one. But you’re welcome to pop on over to your Dollar Tree and see if the Moms To Do List is sold in stores too.


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Do you shop at Dollar Tree and Michaels Arts & Craft Stores? What are you most favorite/popular shopping items you grab at both stores? I would LOVE to know! Please comment below.



Janelle, Jahzara, & Jordin.


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  1. Keisha

    Ugh! Third post with a mommy and her beautiful littles. My ovaries and I cannot deal right now. Too much adorableness! Let me log off before I get preggers. ;

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      hahaha.. Oh my dear Keisha. You have me bout to pass out!! hahahah LOVE it girl. xo

  2. Bijee

    I’ve never done well at being intentional about setting those quality time moments. I definitely need to do better with that. Great ideas and cute haul! Thanks for reminding me to tend to the little things… That really are big things in the end!

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Aww, you’re super welcome Bijee. So super important. All it takes is just a few minutes with our little ones. They will forever cherish and remember those moments. They will appreciate it more than doing the big things instead (like the Disney World’s, the Zoo trips, and so forth. They’ll just love some one-on-one mommy & me time). Are you open to please taking our Survey? xo

  3. Stacie

    Cute kids! Wow, you really scored some nice stuff from Michael’s. I once got 3 big baskets for $2. That was a super deal.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Thank you so much Stacie. These little munchkin think they are Divas LOL. Aw, that’s an AWESOME deal indeed you scored on too.

  4. Audrey

    Your mini mes are SOO adorable and they are clearly possessing exceptional wits and style!!! Love the video!!

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      YES LOL. Too much. They think they are grown Divas though Audrey hahah. Aw, thanks! We had a blast making the video.

  5. Dana Carmel

    I’m in love with the Dollar Tree! So in love…lol. So glad that you and your cuties had a great day bonding over shopping. I predict that you’ll have many more shopping excursions to bond over in the future. 😉

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Yaay!! Me too! It’s like an addiction for me… Honestly, DT have came a long with with their items being sold in-stores, right? Yup, totally going to keep shopping. We had a blast LOL.

  6. Mimi Green

    Michael’s is my drug of choice, like straight up. I go in there like Target and come out missing money. I do use coupons every single time and I love to browse the bins by the register for deeper discounts on such cute items.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      hahah.. Oh I totally get it Mimi. It’s a horrible addiction of ours. LOL. This place will literally make us go bankrupt LOL.

  7. VeePeeJay (Vashti)

    I LOVE the Dollar Tree lol. I try not to go in there unless I really NEED something because I always end up with a bunch of stuff 🙂 Great way to bond with your daughters.

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Oh WOW! Now you sound like me. Sometimes I cannot help myself though and I am still running there when I know I shouldn’t. Thank you honey. Girls LOVE this store too. I think they love the pencil and crayons section best though.

  8. chasing joy

    I shop at both but much more often at the Dollar Tree. I go there for my paper products (plates, napkins, etc…)

    1. Janelle (Post author)

      Dollar Tree is just the BOMB dot com. =) It has truly came a long way. Check out their craft section. It’s growing.


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